Tuesday, June 6, 2017

OOTD: Tale as Old as Time

I'm mixing up Wednesdays post for a Tuesday post because.... the Beauty and the Beast live action film is released today on DVD! As you all know, I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan. So, in honor of the release I have a fun Disney inspired look that is perfect for everyday wear. 

The main feature of this look is this amazing completely custom denim jacket. This jacket has kind of a cool story. I saw it at the Disney Springs Levi store and I fell in love. It was pricey but I loved it and kept thinking about it after I saw it. I ended up purchasing the jacket on my last day in Disney, literally an hour before we left for the airport! Turns out I found the artist who created my jacket on Instagram. Sugar Sews creates 100% custom embroidered denim jackets. Her work is truly incredible. I was so excited to find her on social media and to thank her for my incredible jacket. It kind of combines everything I love about Beauty and the Beast. Chip and Mrs. Potts are my favorite characters, I love French, and it has my favorite color purple! It truly worked out that it was in my size and fit me perfectly. 

So, although I picked up this jacket at Disney Springs, if you'd love a custom jacket like this you are in luck! Sugar does custom orders through her website and you can create ANYTHING you want! Even if you aren't a Disney fan she can create anything. 

Just so you know, this isn't a sponsored post. I just really admire Sugar's work and more importantly I wanted to show off my amazing jacket that I am in love with. Sadly I couldn't snap any pictures of it at Disney, because I bought it on my last day. But, I wanted to share it because it is so amazing! 

I love styling this jacket with my collection of Beauty and the Beast themed pins. These little buttons are from Box Lunch then the coffee cup pin is from Parkbound Buttons. Box Lunch is an amazing store that carries a ton of pop culture items, including Disney! I've gotten a ton of stuff from them recently. Adding pins or flair to any denim jacket is a great way to customize it and make it your own. 

I love wearing a denim jacket to spice up a super simple outfit like this. A simple tan skirt with a white tee allows this statement jacket to stand out and make a statement. Not to mention Levi denim jackets are super thick and durable, which makes them great for throwing on for colder summer nights or for the fall and spring. I've been wearing denim jackets a lot recently. I had a super old one in my closet that I am now wearing on repeat. The great thing about denim jackets are that if you have a great classic one, it will never go out of style! 

Where it's from: 
Denim Jacket: Custom Levi denim jacket from Sugar Sews (purchased at Levi store @ Disney Springs) 
Skirt: J. Crew 
Shirt: J. Crew 
Sneakers: Adidas (Nordstrom) 
Buttons: Box Lunch
Pin: Parkbound Buttons 
Bracelets: Pandora, Alex and Ani 

Are you excited for the release of the Beauty and the Beast movie??! Let me know if you've seen it in the comments below! 

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