Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Snapshots: Hello Kitty Cafe Chicago!

Did anyone else have a childhood obsession with Hello Kitty? Just me......? I hope not because I was so excited to get to go to the Hello Kitty traveling cafe in their Chicago location. Luckily, the location was only 30 min away from me at the mall I normally shop at, Oakbrook. I missed the cafe last year, so when I saw they were coming again I knew I had to go! 

In case you have zero idea what I am talking about, the Hello Kitty Cafe is a traveling little food truck that has adorable hello kitty treats and some merchandise for purchase. Keep up with where they are at on the Hello Kitty Cafe Facebook page! The cafe is small but if you are a Hello Kitty fan it is a can't miss opportunity. I loved seeing the adorable little pink van with all of its adorable decorations! 

Tip: If you get there early you can take a ton of pictures of the van without anyone around! 

We arrived at the truck early Saturday morning to get in line. We waited about 1 1/2 and it really wasn't too bad. They actually opened the truck about 10 min early which was super nice. The line moved decently quickly, but there were some people taking extra time to take photos and what not at the window. 

I picked up my treats, then picked up my mug at a separate tent where the merchandise was organized. Then I took some pictures in front of the van with my treats and was on my way. The process was pretty simple for, no drama or issues. Based on the reviews I was reading I was prepared for the worst, but I had a very great experience at the Hello Kitty Cafe! 

Tip: Pay cash if possible! You can avoid juggling your goodies and signing the iPad at the truck window. 

I purchased the cookie set, macaron set, a bow water bottle, and a ceramic mug. These were all items I planned on purchasing! With a $25 food purchase (not including mugs or t-shirts) you got a fun little re-usable tote bag, which I couldn't resist. With the mug I got a free little sticker and a button as well. I read some reviews that people were pissed they little merchandise, but I was happy with my cute little mug. 

Tip: Wear something pink or Hello Kitty theme for super cute photos with the truck!

What I wore: 
Top: J Crew 
Jeans: American Eagle 
Shoes: Jack Rogers 
Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 
Earrings: J Crew

Planning on attending a Hello Kitty Cafe event in your city? Here are a few of my tips to survive the experience, and to get all of the items you want..... 
  1. Get there EARLY! I was reading some reviews of last years cafe and it said there were lines like crazy, so we showed up around 8:30 for a 10am start for the cafe. The line at the Chicago location was not bad at all when we arrived at 8:30, I'd say about 20-30 people in front of us. I felt confident that I would get the items I wanted, and would just get items in general! Some reviews said that people waited in line and didn't get anything! So, I may have overacted with getting there so early, but I'd rather be safe then sorry. 
  2. Know what you want to purchase! The line would have moved sooooo much faster if people were prepared with what they wanted to get. There is a small sign they set out with the options (there weren't too many to be honest) of treats and merchandise for purchase. Take a peek at it when you arrive so you are prepared once you get up there! 
  3. Don't RE-SELL! I read so many terrible reviews that people bought 5+ of each item to just re-sell them on eBay. Don't be that person! Let everyone have their chance to get a treat. So many reviews said they waited in line with their kids and didn't get anything for their daughters, that is so sad! If you really want to re-sell items, at least wait until those who are there to get their treats purchase what they want before you purchase mass quantities. 
  4. Understand it might sell out...... Luckily I didn't experience this, but the truck is bound to sell out at some point. It is a tiny van not a semi-truck filled with goodies. They can only carry so much. So, just try and get there early to ensure you get all the items on your wishlist! 
  5. There is always next time. It appears that this tour is going to be happening every year. The truck came to Chicago last year and this year so I predict they will keep doing tours if they are successful! At the end of the day it is just treats, so just remember there will be more opportunities in the future to go to a Hello Kitty Cafe!

We hung around the mall a while after we finished at the cafe and the line was always busy, but was never out of control. It looked like it was moving quickly, and there was still merchandise to be purchased. I cannot speak for later hours (the cafe was open until 8pm), but from 10-Noon ish the line seemed very manageable! Luckily, most of the people in line were people who knew of the event. Most people weren't just walking around the mall and hopping in line. 

As for the prices of the items at the cafe most treats were $12-15 each and the bow water bottle was $3. My mug was around $13 then the t-shirt I believe was $27. So, decently reasonable prices for what you get. I recommend getting the cookies because they were individually wrapped, so you could save some for later! 

Hopefully this post helped you if you are looking to attend a Hello Kitty Cafe tour location! Have you visited a Hello Kitty Cafe? Let me know your experience in the comments! 

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