Friday, January 31, 2014

Cute Things for Single Girls

So ladies, I know I'm not the only one who will be single this Valentines day. But fear not you don't need a freaking teddy bear to make you happy! Valentines day may be fun with a boyfriend but trust be it's just as good without one. 

This year I plan to go see a movie with all of my friends on my residence hall floor. Don't be afraid to go see a sappy movie or have a chocolate fest by yourself. There is no shame. I am NOT here to judge you. 

However, I do have some super cute pictures that will make you want to die (in a very good way though). So, if you don't like super cute romantic things you best look away. If you do then please enjoy some cute things for single girls that I have stumbled upon. 

Okay can this be my wedding. This picture is literally perfect I can't deal with it. Like no. They need to leave. 

Clueless is such a classic. I found this on Tumblr so of course I had to include it. 

If you don't like this picture you need to just I don't even know what. Sarah Vickers is literally perfection and I died when I saw their proposal picture. It is pure perfection. 

Everyone has seen this picture but I had to put it in. I literally think this is hilarious. 

If Gossip Girl doesn't make you feel better on Valentines day I think you are out of luck. Literally they are all perfect! 

Okay if you haven't seen this movie trailer please click HERE immediately. This is a movie that is coming out in the summer I believe and it is called The Fault in Our Stars. It's based on a book and apparently the book is really good. All over Tumblr I have seen gifs of this and I actually cried in commercial for it (no shame no shame). It seems like a really great story and not your typical "romance" movie. So GO WATCH THE TRAILER you won't regret it I promise! 

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