Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to pack for a cruise!

As you all know I recently went on a Disney Cruise. While I was packing I was struggling so much as to what to bring. Mainly because it is winter but I'm going somewhere warm and what do you even need for a cruise! So, after my cruise was all over I am making you a list of everything you will need for a cruise vacation. 

The lovely Disney Fantasy that we sailed on!

  1. Obviously you need underwear and bras! If you are going for a week or four days or longer bring as much as you would for a normal trip plus a few extra if you want to change after a day at the pool or something. For bras only pack about 2-3. Pick a strapless option then a tan or white option. You want whatever you pack to go with anything you might be wearing.
  2. Bring one or two swimsuits! I packed way to many swimsuits for my trip. Although we had some iffy weather I didn't need the 5 or 6 that I packed. Bring your two favorite ones so you won't mind wearing them a few times. Trust me you don't need a different bathing suit for each port or day on the boat. 
  3. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt of some type. It gets super cold between air conditioning and also the wind gets pretty intense on the top decks at night. So, just have one handy for when you might get cold. 
  4. A no brainer is to bring outfits for your dinners on the cruise. Be sure to account for either formal, semi-formal, or casual nights. Also, follow the dress code for your ship! There is nothing I hate more then people showing up to a nice dinner in jean shorts and dirty sneakers. 
  5. Also, if you are 18+ be sure to account for clothes you may want to wear to the bars or nightclubs on your ship. I'm glad I brought extra cute shorts and crop tops for my trip because after dinner I would sometimes change out of my dress and heels. So, if you would rather change out of your nice outfit into something more comfortable be sure to pack for that. I recommend bringing however many nights of outfits you plan on "going out" on your cruise. 
  6.  For sure you need to bring all of your hair products, makeup, and other things of that nature. Just be sure to get travel sizes if you can and to limit what makeup you bring. There is no need to pack a bunch of eye shadow and blush options pick a small palette you don't mind using all of the nights. Also, don't over pack on lip colors! (I struggled with this one due to my severe addiction...) 
  7. My last and final tip for you are some beach/ port essentials. Be sure to bring a medium to larger tote or backpack. This will come in handy when carrying your towel and other essentials. But, also it will be very useful if you plan to shop on any of your ports. This way you can just stick your souvenirs in your bag rather then carrying a bunch of little bags around. Also, be sure to back a baseball cap! I love wearing hats on a normal day but a baseball cap can hide your hideous "I just got out of the pool" hair. Not to mention it can protect your eyes and head if you are somewhere super warm. 
So those are all of my cruise packing tips. If you are planning to go on a cruise anytime soon I hope you have a fabulous time! You could also take these tips into consideration for just a vacation to somewhere warm as well! 

xoxo Miranda 

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