Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to layer!

Layering is one of my essentials this winter. Walking around on campus means that you have to layer up to keep warm. So, I am going to give you my tips and tricks to layering. 

My two main layering pieces are some sort of button down and a sweater/ sweatshirt. I love when you layer a button down because the collar peeks out. The collar of your shirt can add an extra detail to the look. Then my next main tip is to wear statement necklaces with your layering. I always wear statement necklaces. But, I always wear statement necklaces but especially when I layer. They can add a touch of whatever your style is. 

American Eagle
Where to get layering pieces: 
J Crew 

Forever 21 plaid shirts

Forever 21 

How to Layer

Here are two looks I created that I would typically wear when it comes to layering. Pair your layered look with either a skirt of patterned jeans to mix it up from a normal look. Also, be sure to add your favorite accessories. 

The first look I used a plaid shirt and a pull over sweater. This look is super sophisticated and preppy.This look would be ideal for an event or occasion where you want to look nice but also still be a little casual. With the layered pieces I paired it with a simple black skirt, flats, and bold sparkly jewelry. 

How I layer: 
Here are some of the ways that I layer. I love layering with my plaid shirt. It's a great way to add print and color to a layered look. 

In this look I layered a embellished sweatshirt with a denim button down. This is a great casual and comfortable look. 

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