Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney Week: Dumbo

Welcome to Disney Week! I will be off and on vacation on a Disney Cruise. Of course you will hear all about it once I am back but I wanted to bring the fun of Disney to my blog! 

So here is a week of Disney character inspired outfits. Each day will be a different character and a new idea for how you can take a simple inspiration and make it chic and fun. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Day 1: Dumbo

Dumbo is such a cutie! So naturally who wouldn't want a dumbo inspired outfit? 
This outfit is more on the edgy side. I picked a simple grey jersey dress with a little bit of mesh detailing. Paired along with it I used red or maroon accessories. The red comes from the visions of the circus tents that are in the movie. 

To finish things off wear any pair of little booties or ankle boots. These remind me of something a circus master would wear. 

To re-create this look simply pick out a grey dress and accessorize! 

Grey and Maroon

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