Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Online Shopping Must Sees!

Since I have been at college I have found a new love of online shopping. To be completely honest Iowa has a lack of any good stores, at least near my school that is. So, I have turned to online shopping for new and exciting pieces because I am used to hopping into my car and being no more then an hour away from amazing shopping.

An amazing accessory place I have discovered is www.silverlingingsshop.com. Their shipping is reasonable along with their prices! I got two amazing statement necklaces for around $24 including shipping. My friend from my floor introduced me to the website and I had to get these two amazing necklaces.

The two necklaces I purchased:

The Fan Fringe necklace in purple. It is inspired by a J Crew necklace. Click here to see it!

Also, I purchase the Flower Bud necklace in Mint. Click here to see it! This necklace comes in so many different colors so there is sure to be something for you!

Overall, the website is super cute and has some great deals. So be sure to check out the Silver Linings Shops website!

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