Friday, December 13, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013
The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is the one night a year both girls and guys alike come together and watch one fabulous program. Both for different reasons, but I watch it to see the amazing bras and underwear that they design for the show. I think the things they come up with is incredible! Year after year they continue to think of themes and new ideas for the show. 
This year I was a big fan of the London, Pairs, and diamond section of the show. I think all of the designs were super innovative and beautiful! 

{She's perfect}

I loved the London section of the show! Taylor Swift looked adorable and the models looked fierce and sexy in their London looks. 


This is my favorite picture from the show. I am OBSESSED with the dress that Taylor wore in the finale. I want to have it for myself! But, the looks in this section were super whimsical and beautiful all at the same time. 


Overall, I was super impressed with the show this year. Victoria Secret never fails to present an amazing and entertaining show! 


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