Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Italy Adventures: Milan Day 1

For our first day in Milan we decided to explore the amazing fashion the city has to offer. We found the Jimmy Choo offices, the Armani hotel, and the original first Prada store! It was amazing to get to see a fashion capital of the world. After the end of my long break I will have been to all the major fashion capitals: London, Paris, NY, and Milan. 

Our Milan trip was a lot more relaxed compared to our other Italian adventures. We decided to just wander around and explore the city rather then planning a lot of things. It was nice to shop, look around, and find hidden gems in the city. We were able to find a re-sale vintage shop where I picked up a pair of Prada ballet flats for super cheap! I later went back to pick up a Miu Miu headband I was eyeing earlier. Milan was a great place to find vintage finds for affordable prices. There were a lot of high end designer pieces that were available for reasonable prices!

We needed a break from Italian food after our week of non-stop pasta and pizza. So, we found a burger that was really good! 

We explored a lot of small shops that are only in Milan. I love seeing stores that are chains so we can see new and exciting things. 

The very first Prada store! The store was amazing and the window displays were gorgeous. This whole shopping area was very high end and the buildings were beautiful. 

Have you taken a trip to Milan? Let me know in the comments! 

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