Monday, November 23, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: Liberty London Exhibit

As you enter the small Fashion and Textile museum you are greeted by a bold bright pink and blue wall. We purchased our ticket and made our way into the exhibit. The first room explains the rich history of the Liberty brand and store. Since I've been in London I have always loved Liberty. If you don't already know, Liberty is a high end department store like Harrods or Selfridges. But, they have their own signature floral prints that are adorable! But, I had no idea how much history was behind these prints.  

Liberty started as a retailer to supply imported goods from Asia to the British market. So, a lot of their pieces and fabrics are inspired by traditional Asian prints. Here are some of the pictures I took of the exhibit! 

The details that some of these pieces have is incredible! The ornate craftsmanship is something to admire and recognize of periods of the past when it comes to making beautiful clothes. 

This was my favorite top in the exhibit. I would wear this today! I love the unique collar and an interesting take on a traditional blouse. 

I also loved the 60's and 70's dresses. They were so bright and colorful they reminded me of vintage Lilly Pulitzer prints in some ways. The retro silhouettes were oh-so-cute and reminded me of something my Nana would have worn. 

After the vintage pieces, they also had Liberty collaboration pieces on display. From Nike to Jimmy Choo they had a wide range of collabs that were to die for! 


Overall, I loved this exhibit. Liberty has been one of my favorite stores in London and it was amazing to learn more about it. The exhibit had a good flow, was interesting, and I think would appeal to people who aren't die hard fashion fans (like myself). If you happen to be in London I highly suggest going! Also, going to the actual Liberty store is a must! 

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  1. Love liberty!! this was such a cool post, thanks for sharing!