Friday, November 20, 2015

Sew Cute Abroad: Long Distance Relationships

Studying abroad can be scary to some people. Leaving behind your parents, your friends, or your significant other is not easy! But, I've been in London for a little over two months and I would say that I have the whole communication thing down pretty well. So, if you are worried about loosing touch with everyone back home, read my tips and tricks on how to survive!

  1. Make time to talk- Being in London is amazing and there is always something to do! But, I know that everyday I want to set aside sometime to Facetime my boyfriend and usually once a week I Facetime my mom. It's important to designate a time with your friends, family, or boyfriend to Skype, call, or whatever form of communication you want to use. With a large time difference planning a time is best so you know when each other are available. 
  2. Understand that they won't always respond right away- London is 6 hours ahead of back home, so I know that I won't get a response from people instantly like I'm used to. At home I'm used to sending a text and getting a response within minutes if not seconds. You'll adjust to this over time but it sucks at first. When I wake up for class sometimes my boyfriend is just going to sleep. So, I usually have to wait until 2pm or later to text and talk to people back home. Just be patient and understand that they are most likely sleeping and they aren't purposefully ignoring you!
  3. Remember they will be there when you get home- Sometimes it can seem like the end of the world that you can't see your best friend or hangout with your boyfriend or be with your family. But, you will come home from study abroad (well at least most of us will....). Try to remember you are having an amazing experience that you will never forget. Worrying about missing a tailgate, a family dinner, or a date party isn't worth your time! Yeah, it does suck missing out on some things. But, you are in a foreign country and traveling around the world. I think that is a better experience then missing one small thing! So, enjoy your time while abroad because it will fly by. Your friends, boyfriend, and family will all be waiting for you when you come home!
Do you have any long distance relationship tips? Leave them in the comments! 

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