Wednesday, January 25, 2017

College Series: How to Organize a Small Closet

I'm a girl with a lot of clothes, so having a small college closet is less then ideal. Luckily, I have mastered some tips and tricks to survive living in a dorm, a sorority house, and an apartment with weird or small closets. Luckily, my current apartment has a gorgeous walk in closet! But, I still have to organize things very efficiently to make sure I can have all of my favorite items with me while at school. Here are a few tips and products I use to organize my closet.... 

Thin hangers | Velvet or thin white hangers are key. Big chunky plastic hangers add a ton of bulk. I usually only use these for sweatshirts and sometimes sweaters. Otherwise I use the velvet hangers you can find at Target, Walmart, TJMaxx or really anywhere! They also prevent your clothes from falling off, which is super annoying when you have a tiny closet and you have to dig to find your clothes who fell down. 

Double hanger system | My double hanger system from The Container Store saves lives. It basically doubles your space. I normally hang my t-shirts, sweatshirts, and cardigans on my bottom area. Then let my tops and dresses hang up above. This hanger system was a major help living in my sorority because our closet had a funky layout. So, having the extra hanging space below was super beneficial. 

Color coding | I am a major fan of color coding. So, I organize my clothes by color. That way if I know I'm looking for a specific top it's easy to locate. I also try and organize by sleeve length but it doesn't always stay that way. But, either picking sleeve length or by color is a great way to keep your closet organized. 

Rolling rack | When I lived in the dorms I had a rolling clothing rack that went under my bunked bed. This was a major help because I only had a wardrobe in my dorm. Having the extra hanging space was great for my dresses and some skirts. Most of my clothing needs to be hung up, so living in dorms and my sorority was a major challenge! Luckily I have way more hanging storage now. 

Bins | A more obvious one, but bins are also super helpful. I store my scarves/ winter accessories and extra towels and bed linens in fabric or soft bins. This way they don't take up drawer space, but they are easy to access. 

What are your favorite ways to organize your closet? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. These are awesome tips, thanks! I'm in the midst of re-organizing my wardrobe as well, and the hanger situation that I have is terrible. Going to fix all that with the thin hangers that you recommended as well!
    - Desiree

    1. I'm glad it was helpful! But yes the hangers help so much, it just prevents everything from falling off! Thanks for reading :)