Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to Shop the Lilly After Party Sale!

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party has officially been announced! You can shop the sale starting Thursday January 5th at 8am until Friday January 6th at 1pm EST!

Every year, for a while, I have shopped the Lilly sale and have come out with some great pieces, for super affordable prices. I normally never buy Lilly full price. At the After Party Sale I make sure I get enough pieces to fill my Lilly needs for the entire year. As a college student it just isn't realistic to spend $200- $300+ on a cute dress. 

So, here are my tips on how to shop the Lilly After Party Sale the smart way and how to do it on a budget! 

Step 1: Set up an account 

Before you even think about purchasing anything, be sure to set up a Lilly Pulitzer account on their website. Be sure to include the shipping address you want your items to be shipped to, and a credit card you want to purchase your items with. This will eliminate you spending valuable time imputing information like your address and credit card number at checkout. 

TIP: Adding items into your cart doesn't reserve them. If you know 100% you will die without something checkout immediately! Popular items will go fast and you have to act quickly. 

Step 2: Pre-shop 

Now that you have set up an account start to pre-shop as I call it. Write down items you know you want. For example this sale I am looking for a graduation dress and some casual everyday pieces. If you really want to be prepared look up item names and print names you have your eye on. This way you can go straight to those items without shifting through pages of product. 

TIP: Know your size! Go back and check other Lilly pieces you have to make sure you are ordering the correct sizes. If this is your first time purchasing from Lilly look on the size guides. Items cannot be returned! But, you can always sell it in a Lilly swap group or on Poshmark. 

Step 3: Be ready! 

After the appropriate prep work, now it is time to wait. Make sure you are up and ready to go RIGHT when the sale opens. If you aren't refreshing your page over and over again you will have to wait in the virtual line for quite some time. I usually try and work on multiple devices, if you want to be hardcore. Have the site up on multiple computers (if available), your iPad, your phone, EVERYWHERE. This way if you finish one order you can be in line on another device. Double check you are logged into your account on all devices! Also, if you live near a Lilly store, go to the store! You can shop online and in store, so if you have a store close by take advantage. I usually shop the sale early online, then go to the store at opening. This way you can see pieces in person and try and get anything you couldn't get online in store. 

TIP: Be prepared to not get everything you want. Items sell out fast, it isn't an unlimited inventory. If you want a popular piece your chances are more slim of getting it. I've always gotten a ton of great pieces! But, if you are dead set on one item you have to be prepared if it isn't included in the sale OR if it sells out. 

Step 4: Have fun! 

Some people get cut throat when it comes to the Lilly sale. Remember, it is just clothing! Sure it is upsetting if you can't get pieces you were hoping for. But, at the end of the day Lilly is supposed to make you happy! Don't get caught up in being upset you couldn't get everything on your list. 

TIP: The site has had problems in the past. Just be patient! It may seem like you are waiting in line for forever, but you will get your turn. 

TIP: New items have been added on the second day of the sale. So, go back and check every now and then after you shopped the first day to look for new items. Also, follow Lilly on Twitter! They usually make announcements about new items there. 

Looking for more information? Check out these helpful links! 

Have questions? Leave them in the comments and I'd be happy to help! 

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