Friday, January 6, 2017

Lilly After Party Sale: What I purchased + sale experience

I shopped till I dropped, literally, yesterday at the Lilly After Party Sale. You can still shop it! But, I am more then done my fair share of shopping this past week. But, I picked up a few cute things from this After Party Sale that I am super excited about! I'm LOVING the dress I picked up. I've never seen the print, but I am a sucker for purple and elephants. So, I knew I had to pick it up. I also picked up three casual tops. Most of my Lilly pieces are skorts or dresses so I wanted to mix things up a bit and pick up some different pieces. Now I think my Lilly collection is coming together very nicely! 

My experience this go around wasn't as great in the past. I anxiously waited at my computer for the sale to start and I got a good spot in line in the virtual line. Luckily, I got onto the sale within fifteen minutes, so around 7:15am my time. Then once I was shopping items weren't getting added to my cart, things weren't loading, and then the site crashed. I was so upset! In the past I have never had problems since they created the virtual line. But, there I was locked out of the sale. Even though I could see the items I couldn't purchase anything. 

So, my friend Mariah and I got dressed and headed straight to the store. We called ahead yesterday and asked if they were opening early. They said there would be staff there at nine so we showed up right at nine (actually 8:45 but we got Starbucks to stall for time). The nice employees let us in and we were the only ones in the store. Although they only had two small racks of sale merchandise, Mariah and I found some great pieces! Mariah, of Chambery and Champagne isn't a Lilly girl and she even found some super cute pieces!  

Despite some website issues we still found some great things. Plus we checked back at lunch to shop online and we both ended up finding other items that were recently added. So, overall it was still a success! What I learned from this sale is that starting at 7am doesn't always workout. Waiting until the crowd dies down is way less stressful! Plus, they were always adding styles and there were still a TON of items left even by 1pm. 

Now for the fun part, here is what I picked up from the Lilly After Party Sale 2017! 

L: Willa top in Tipping Point, some prints and sizes still available
R: Bay dress in Play That Trunky Music, not available. 

This purple dress is probably my favorite item I picked up! This go around I really wanted to get more casual everyday pieces. I love my Lilly shifts, but I wanted stuff I could easily just wear for casual days or to a potential job.

L: Elsa top in Bright Coral, a TON of Elsa tops still available! 
R: 2016 Christmas Ornament 

This sale I purchased my FIRST Elsa top! Everyone raves about these tops but I have never taken the plunge to purchase. But, when I saw this solid coral one in store I had to get it. It was more the 50% off so the deal was great. 

L: Lenore skort in navy 
R: Neveah one shoulder top in navy 

I picked up a navy skort because I love the one I already have. It's nice getting some neutral pieces to pair with printed tops or bottoms I already have from Lilly. 

What did you pick up from the Lilly After Party Sale? Are you still shopping? How was your After Party experience? I want to hear all about it in the comments! Also, be sure to check out my haul on my Instagram story! 

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