Monday, January 15, 2018

Dose of Disney: Disney Japan Haul

If you saw my post from a while back you know that I am obsessed with Disney Store Japan and Tokyo Disneyland merchandise. I found a personal shopping service that will ship mainly stationery goods from Japan to the U.S. and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. A few people were interested in seeing what I picked up from these orders so here it is! 

Ballpensetc mainly shops for stationery, but there are a few other items she picks up! I'm mainly interested in Disney items, but she also does a lot of Sanrio shopping! 

All of these items were over a few different purchases, and this isn't everything but it is a good highlight of some of the things I've purchased! I live for Japanese pens so I have picked up quite a few pens. Sarasa clip pens are my all time favorite pens, so I've gotten quite a few sets that are all Disney themed. They have a super fine point and gel ink which makes for a super thin line. 

Ufufy's are also a favorite of mine. Little did I know that all of them would eventually come to the U.S. (oops). But I picked up the Beauty & The Beast Ufufy's as well as this adorable Dopey Ufufy. These little guys are so dang cute it almost hurts. Plus they smell delicious. 

Little notepads and sticky notes are my calling. Which is just another way to say I have a notebook problem. From Toy Story to Chip & Dale Japan has a ton of different notepads to fit any Disney fans needs. If you need to know anything about me it is that I LOVE Monsters Inc. So a lot of the items I picked up, like this Mike & Sully sticky note, are Monsters Inc themed! 

Pens on pens on pens! Plus a sparkly Belle pencil case. 

Here are some random goodies I picked up. More Sarasa pens, a Stella Lou sticky note, Dale Christmas keychain, a Marie little pouch, and a Monsters Inc & Toy Story set. 

A big purchase of mine was this Mickey hamburger bag. It can be a shoulder bag or be converted into a backpack. Mickey + burgers is a great combination. 

A big thing in Tokyo Disney are these little passholders. They also have a zip compartment so they can be a little bag. Again, had to pick up Sulley and this adorable little white Mickey mouse. 

Going to Tokyo Disneyland is for sure on my bucketlist. Let's be honest, to go to all of the Disney parks is on my bucket list! I'm halfway there at least. 

What would you pick up from Tokyo Disney if you could shop there? I would for sure pick up some more of their headbands and cute hats! 

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