Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7 Days of Accessories: Henri Bendel

7 Days of Accessories: Henri Bendel

Does this diva seem familiar? Even Becca from Confessions of a Shopaholic lovers her Henri Bendel bags!

Henri Bendel may be one of my favorite places to get jewelry now and days. Their pieces are not only sparkly and fabulous but they are also very nicely made. (which is always a plus) Sometimes it can be expensive however I totally think it's worth it!

So many colors so little time!

Ruby Red featuring: Henri Bendel

If you are bold girl they have many pieces in rich colors like this bright red. It makes your pieces stand out from your neck to your wrist. My favorite pieces include the statement necklace and the red bangle. They are both classic but still fun with the red.

Sleek Silver featuring: Henri Bendel

Let's say silver is your scene. Well, Henri Bendel offers almost every jewel they have in multiple metal options. Silver is not only sleek but it is modern. So, whether you want a chunky bracelet, a classic bangle, or a fun stack of rings Henri Bendel has you covered in the sliver department.

Golden Girl featuring: Henri Bendel

Gold is a classic metal. Henri Bendel, I would say, has they best selection when it comes to gold. Which is good because I wear mostly gold jewelry. My favorite pieces include the wrap watch, bow earrings, and tiny beaded bracelet. All of these pieces would make great gifts during the holiday season. Or you could get them for yourself!

Rose Gold featuring: Henri Bendel

Lastly, is rose gold! Rose gold is a fairly new trend but I am all for it. Henri Bendel has some great quality rose gold pieces. Sometimes rose gold is hard to find but they have a great selection at their store. So, for the girly girl in your life a rose gold bracelet, earrings, or ring would make a great gift. Rose gold is soft but still very chic. And I'm hoping this metal is here to stay!

My Henri Bendel Pieces:

Their bags and packaging is just as cute as their actual products! 

Minus the infinity bracelet these are two of my rose gold pieces from Henri Bendel. I am a huge fan of rose gold and these pieces are not only chic but are super fun and unique. I haven't met anyone with these bracelets so far. (it might have something to do with the fact that I have been in Iowa for forever but we will pretend I'm not) 

Then this brown leather bracelet is from Henri Bendel. I wear this almost every day it seems like! I am completely obsessed with this model of bracelet and it is perfect for every day wear. 

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