Sunday, December 1, 2013

Betsey Johnson Holiday Wishlist

Betsey Johnson 
Holiday Wishlist 

Betsey Johnson Wishlist

Betsey Johnson is one of my all time favorite brands! Her pieces are perfect for anyone with a crazy, wild, and colorful sense of style. She has so many fun and unique pieces on her cite. A lot of her things would be great gifts for a sister, cousin, or friend. 

Pretty in Pink 
Betsey never fails to have some pink! These infinity scarfs are the perfect gift for a pink lover in your life. I mean it combines pink, pearls, and bows. What more could a girly girl need? 

Lets say they like cheetah print more? Well Betsey Johnson has some super cute cheetah print scarfs. You can go with an all over cheetah print or just an accent. (Depending on how bold the person you are shopping for is.)

Blingy things 
Betsey Johnson jewelry is some of my favorite! They are super whimsical and unique. These four pieces are my favorites! The bottom two have super cute sayings along with them. While the top two are a little more bold. All four of these necklaces would make great gifts for a sister or a friend. 

Grab bag
Who doesn't love a new bag at the holidays? Betsey has some super cute bags with some great details. Like this cheetah bag with chain on the piping and the taupe bag with gold accents. 

Holiday cheer 
Check out this super cute owl ornament! A small accessory like this is a perfect gift for a teacher or neighbor. 

Be sure to check out Betsey Johnson gift guide!

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