Monday, December 23, 2013

Zac Posen Spring Summer 2014

Zac Posen Spring Summer Collection 
I am obsessed with Zac Posen's spring summer collection for 2014! The dresses are gorgeous and I love the soft faint floral prints. Not to mention the silhouettes are super unique and interesting. 

I think spring fashion is all about being super feminine. Winter we tend to layer on the heavy sweaters and stick to dark colors. But, spring is a breath of fresh air and pastels. 

This season muted pastels and neutrals are super in. Zac Posen's designs defiantly show off this trend. In the collection it mainly showcases a muted moss green, a lavender purple, and blush tone. You can count on me wearing these gorgeous colors this spring! 

{I wish I could casually wear this dress around campus. But, something tells me I would get some stares.}

The floral accents in their messy dos are super girly and feminine. Overall the collection was very whimsical and romantic. The colors are all very neutral and muted pastel tones. Also there are a few pops of dark colors mixed into the collection. 

The accents on the sleeve are super girly! I can picture this idea on a casual top. 


{Florals on florals.}

I love all of the ruffles in this collection. They give all of the dresses more volume and life. 

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