Tuesday, December 24, 2013

OOTD: Holidays in Chicago

OOTD: Holidays in Chicago 

Every year my family and I go downtown Chicago to go to the Walnut room and the Macy's on State Street. This year due to my wisdom teeth being removed we had to reschedule our normal trip. So, by the time we got there the walnut room was booked for the night! (It was crazy busy to say the least!) However we did get to take pictures with the tree and browse through ornaments. 

For my outfit I wore my favorite sequin skirt and white button down. I mixed up the look with a pair of festive red tights and a plaid scarf. This plaid scarf may be one of my new obsessions! (So get ready to see it a lot.) 

Where it's from: 
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo 
Skirt: Aerie 
Tights: Target 
Scarf: Khols 
Necklace: J Crew 
Shoes: Michael Kors 
Bracelets: J Crew & Alex and Ani 
Earrings: Kate Spade 

I love these red tights! I was a little iffy about them but I saw Blair Waldorf sporting a pair on Gossip Girl so it kind of inspired me to buy a pair. And since Blair is my twin I figured I could work them as well. 

Two of my holiday favorites include this nail polish by Essie (Beyond Cozy) and my gold glitter sunglasses by Betsey Johnson. Together they make a very sparkly combo. 

{State Street Macy's in Chicago is my absolute favorite! We have been coming here to see the tree since as long as I can remember. Each year a different person designs/ decorates the tree and I love seeing how it changes from year to year.}

{My brother and I in front of the tree. You can see we both love plaid.}

Two of my favorite festive accessories! I always find myself reaching for this J Crew statement necklace. It is a total staple in my wardrobe. 

{I spy Kate Spade dishes. When I am older I feel like all my dishes will be Kate Spade!}

{I wish I could pull off a Christmas tree as a skirt. How chic would that be?}

{Holidays in Chicago.}

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