Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Outfit Ideas: Winter Dates

Holiday Outfit Ideas: Winter Dates
Although I won't be going on any cute winter dates, at least none that I know of...... I'm sure someone out there will be ice skating, going into Chicago, or going to see a new release in the theaters. So, here are some date ready looks for whatever you may be doing over break. (p.s these work for dates with your gals too!)

They should probably be wearing jackets but maybe someone has a picnic in flannel drinking coco during this time of year. 

{ All I want for Christmas is you <3 }

Winter Date Outfits

These fun looks feature all J Crew clothing. From casual to more dressy these looks are perfect for a fun day with your boy. 
Pair a bold pair of pants with a simple top for a chic look for a nice dinner or holiday party. I am in love with the bold magenta color and the black plaid inspired pattern. Also, the top is basically a sophisticated baseball tee which is super unique and fun. Pair it with a pointy pair of flats or some heels to complete your look. 
For a fun night downtown wear a tweed skirt with a denim button down. You are dressed up but still comfortable at the same time. Wear a small wedge boot and pair your skirt with a simple pair of tights and you are good to go. And throw on your favorite plaid scarf to keep you warm! 
For a super casual comfy look pair your favorite jeans with a junky sweater and a puffer vest. This look is ideal for ice skating or grabbing a Starbucks holiday beverage (my favorite is the peppermint mocha!). A statement necklace and a pair of ankle boots will complete your cute and casual look. 

Can someone take me ice skating over break? Yes okay. 


Wearing a cozy sweater and a pair of high waisted jeggings is a great outfit for a casual date. Then pair your simple look with a fun statement necklace. This will add an extra touch to your rather ordinary look. 
Whether your going to the movies or to Panera this relaxed and simple look will be perfect. 


This dress is perfect for a holiday party with friends and family. It has a bit of sparkle and tulle but is still super sophisticated. Pair the look with a pair of fun green or red heels and statement necklace. It will add an extra touch of holiday cheer to your look. 

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