Thursday, February 20, 2014

Burberry Spring 2014 Inspired Makeup Look

Burberry's spring collection included a super pink and simple makeup look. THis look is super easy to re-create and would be perfect for any spring day. 

What you will need: 
  1. An eyeshadow base: this will help you pink color really stand out on your eyelids. However this step isn't needed. 
  2. Some sort of pink eyeshadow: pink eyeshadow is the main focus of this look. You can use multiple pink shades to create a more dimensional look or you can simply use one shade. 
  3. A light pink lipstick: in the eye look it shows a light natural pink lip color so just use something that you already have. Or use a slightly tinted pink lip balm. 

  1. First apply your basic foundation routine. This may include concealer, foundation, and a pressed powder. 
  2. Next take your eye shadow primer and apply it to your eye lids. This will make your pink eyeshadow more pigmented and help it stand out. 
  3. Then it is time to apply your pink eyeshadow! First apply a coral pink shade. This will be your base color. After take a brighter pink shade to accent the center of your lid. This will create a super unique eye look for spring. 
  4. After applying your shadows to your lid take a thin brush and apply the same base shadow under your lower lash line. This will create a smokey yet light eye look. 
That is your completed Burberry inspired look! This look is not only super pink but nice and fresh for spring. 


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