Friday, February 21, 2014

"Dare to be Blair"

Who doesn't want to be Blair Waldorf? Well here are some basic pieces that you can buy to have a Blair inspired look! Or find pieces that match these in your closet already. 

  1. A shirt that ties into a bow in the front. 
  2. High heels or pumps.
  3. Anything with glitter, glam, or sparkle (but always expensive looking). 
  4. Flattering dresses that are bold and out there! 
  5. Colored tights or knee socks. 
  6. Lots and lots of accessories including bangles, necklaces, or hair accessories (headbands duh!).
  7. Bows are key! Whether it be on a dress, skirt, or top. 
  8. A killer bag. 
Blair Ready Pieces: 

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