Monday, February 3, 2014

Graphic Sweaters

I have seen so many graphic or patterned sweaters recently. Spring may be on it's way but it still chilly out. So, take advantage of sweater weather while it is still here. I have found some super cute graphic sweaters from a variety of different places. There really is something for anyone's budget. These sweaters are from Old Navy, Forever 21, and J Crew. 

Fun sweaters like this can make a great simple outfit. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans and boots and you have a cute, simple, and comfortable outfit. Or you could pair your sweater with a skirt and tights to make it a little less casual. 

Overall these sweaters are a super fun addition to any outfit. Not to mention there is one for no matter what your style or personality is. 


L: Forever 21 
R: Old Navy

L: J Crew
R: Forever 21


Both Old Navy

Forever 21


L: Forever 21
R: J Crew 


L: J Crew 
R: Forever 21

Here are some styling ideas for how you can style your sweater. Either go the casual or dressy route. 

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