Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Favorites

Microwave popcorn, sweet tart heart suckers, breakfast pizza, and ruffles chips.
So basically I am obsessed with breakfast pizza. At my school we have a small convenient store in my dorm and they sell breakfast pizza and it is literally amazing. I basically get it at least twice a week. The bacon pizza is my favorite! But sausage is a close second.


With Valentine's day comes candy! This is my FAVORITE Valentines day candy of all time. I am super into Sweetarts or candy like that (if it's Wonka I most likely love it) so I have been eating these a lot! 

Planner freak 
This month I have been UBER busy. So my planner is my boyfriend (not literally but basically). I have been color coding, using flags, and I have recently been using a note list that I picked up from Target. Without my planner I would probably be dead and very unprepared. This month has been full of tests, events, and a bunch or other things that I have to remember to do!

Target dollar section 
I don't know about you but Target is my life. I have literally spent hours in Target just looking around at all of the cute stuff. The dollar section, specifically, has been on point this month. They have a new section in the dollar section that features a lot of cute stationary type things. I have been clearing out these areas at my local Target (not kidding). They have a variety of notebooks, to-do lists, pens, and other fun accessories! Be sure to check them out because they look straight off a Pinterest board. 


I have been layering necklace a lot this month. I think they add an extra sparkle and more texture to a look. 

I think I will always be obsessed with this pearl necklace. It's from J Crew and I feel really cool wearing it because all of my favorite bloggers have it too.... So there is that! 

Also, J Crew has been a HUGE favorite this month specifically. I feel like I am always wearing something J Crew no matter what! 

Those are my February favorites! Hope you enjoyed :) 


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