Monday, February 10, 2014

Get the Look: Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows ever! I have recently binged watched the whole serious on Netflix. It was amazing from the fashion, the complex characters, and the overall plot. Not to mention the setting in beautiful New York. 

If you haven't watched it I highly suggest it! 

But, how can you get the look of Blair or Serena without wearing high end designers? It's simple. Just take inspiration from what they wear and translate it into things you already own. Or find a cheaper alternative or dupe for what they may have worn on the show. 

This outfit of Blair's is super sophisticated and classic. To recreate this look you can make it dressy or casual. The first thing you will need is a simple white shirt. It appears that Blairs has some type of collar so a white button down you already have will be perfect. (If you don't have a plain white button down I highly suggest it!) Next step is a tweed jacket or blazer. You don't need a super expensive one to pull of this look. Places like Forever 21 might have an item like this for around $30. Also, if you get a neutral color you can wear it a lot more then you would think! 

Next for bottoms you can either make your look casual with a pair of boyfriend style jeans or dress it up with a fun tulle skirt. Either way you can take inspiration from Blair's look. 

For accessories Blair wears a bow around her neck. So, you can either tie a bow with a scarf or buy collar accessories to embellish your neck. Also, she is wearing her signature headband. If you wanted to wear a headband you could either wear a casual head wrap or a fun embellished crystal headband. 

For makeup she keeps things super simple and natural usually. For your lips you can use a slight pink color to add a little color then finish off with a super natural face and eye look. 

That is my completed Blair Waldorf inspired look! 


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