Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monogram Must Haves

Lately I have been obsessed with monograms. Yet again what else is new. But, I have picked some of my favorite monogram items from a variety of different places to share with you! So if you are in need of some monograms in your life that check out these fabulous products and stores/ shops! 

A monogram baseball hat: I am always wearing baseball hats. Naturally I had to get a monogrammed one! I have a simple black baseball hat with white embroidery. It is from Marley Lilly which is one of my favorite places for monograms! They have a great variety of things and they have great flash sales so look out for them! 

Monogrammed puffer vest: If you live somewhere cold like me a vest is a must have! I bought a black and white monogramed puffer vest from Marley Lilly and I wear it all the time. This is for sure a must have for me. 

Classic monogram necklace: I think every girl needs a monogram necklace. Currently I am in need of a super nice one but that is for sure on my birthday list! But, this one from baublebar is gorgeous and my friend has it and it seems to made very well. It is a little pricey but I think that it is worth it because it goes with everything! Personally I am a gold girl but silver is always a nice option. 

Monogram laptop sticker: College students are all about stickers on their laptops. My laptop is literally covered! One of my stickers is a monogram of course! So here is a super cheap sticker to jazz up your laptop or anything else you can stick a sticker too. There are a lot of places on Etsy that sell these types of stickers so you can find a style, price, and color for your own preferences. 

{My laptop}

Those are my monogram essentials! When in doubt monogram it :) 


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