Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Steal of the Century: Miranda's fashion find of the moment

I wondered into Nordstrom Rack yesterday to find some birthday/ graduation gifts for friends. Of course, going into any store, let alone Nordstrom Rack, I get easily distracted. But it's okay, we all do it. I wondered into the size 6 shoe isle and go straight to clarence. I was technically on a misson so I decided to skip the usual browsing I do and get down to what I might actually buy.

My eyes scan the boxes and boxes of shoes and I see the Sam Eldeman flats that I have seen in the same spot for quite some time. I pick them up in the hopes of them being marked down from their prior price (which was around $30 I would say). I was hoping to see a price tag for maybe $20 or hopefully $15. But, the price tag said $5. Practically falling over I blinked to make sure I wasn't imagining things but their it was the red clearance sticker read the small one digit number.

Of course when I first saw it I thought it had to be some kind of sick joke. But, I grabbed them and if worse comes to worse I can return them.

So, I grab some gifts and some good deals and head up to the register. The cashier scans the price of the shoes and what do you know...... They really were $5! Thrilled with the deal I felt accomplished and had such a buyers high. I mean you can't beat $5 for Sam Eldeman flats that were originally a hundred dollars. Heck, you can barley buy lunch with five dollars let alone designer shoes. I definitely think this deal is going down in the record books.

The Find:

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