Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Must Have Summer Accessories: Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces:
From bubble to bib statement necklaces have defiantly been making their mark on summer trends. Although, they have been a key part in fashion for a while now. Of course I fantasize over J Crews perfect neck candy. However not everyone has the budget for that (aka me). So, here are my statement necklace finds and favorites.

My favorites from my collection:
This gold piece is nice and chunky. It goes with practically everything because I personally wear more gold then silver. It is from H&M and I got it on sale for about $5. I highly suggest looking at sale stuff when it comes to this kind of trendy jewelry that may not be in style for a long time. 

Also another H&M sale item. This one was around $3 I would say which is a great deal. The beads have a iridescent effect which is really cool up against different colors of clothing. Again, it is nice and junky and defiantly stands out. 

When I want a pop of color I grab this bib necklace from Dry Goods. I got it on sale for about $10 and it was part of a buy 2 get one free deal. This magenta color surprisingly compliments a lot of things I have. It's a comfortable necklace and it isn't to bulky. 

This necklace is surprisingly from Target. I had never looked at Target's jewelry until I got this necklace. It was on clearance for about $4. It's pretty nice quality and it just adds a bit of sparkle. 

The classic bubble necklace, although mine is not from J Crew I got this one at Charming Charlie's for $20. But, I had a $10 off coupon so it was only $10! Which you really can't beat. This piece goes with so much. Although it jingles as you walk I still love it. 

This Juicy Couture necklace is my go-to rose gold option. It has very nice stones all around and a pave toggle closure. Sometimes it gets a bit heavy but its worth the pain because I love this piece. 

Lastly, a new addition to my collection. This necklace is from J Crew (factory outlet). I am not sure if it was ever at the original J Crew but it's still amazing if it wasn't. You can tell how nicely it's made which is good because even on sale this necklace was not $5. But, the outlet store had 50% the whole store so I had to take advantage of a good sale and pick it up. 

How I style them:
Just like my arm candy I am always wearing something around my neck. Here are some of my outfits that feature a bold necklace. Statement necklaces, I think, take your outfits to the next level. It's that one tiny thing that makes everything come together. These outfits are from prior seasons.
Left: Akira 
Right: Street Market 

Both: H&M

Left: Charming Charlie's and Forever 21 
Right: Charming Charlie's

Left: Target 
Right: H&M 

Left: Charming Charlie's
Right: H&M 

Both: H&M


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