Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Must Have Summer Accessories: Army Candy

Arm Candy: 
To be honest, I have no idea where the name arm candy came about. But, I do know that stacking bracelets and bangles is a amazing invention. In the summer time I always find myself reaching for my leather engraved bracelets, bangles, and sparkly little gems. However, this summer I took it to a whole new level. I'm pretty sure their isn't a day that I don't have some type of bracelet on my wrist! Here are a few of my favorite brands/ bracelets.

BCBG: So we all have seen these before, but they are just a leather band with different metal words. I have 3 of these super cute bracelets. I have a TRUE one which has rose gold letters and a neutral leather band. Then I have a FIERCE one which has gold letters with a black sparkly band. Then I have a rubber pink band with gold letters that say SWAG. These are just fun bracelets that can add some sass to your wrist. They are super comfortable and even fit my baby wrist so it is a good option for everyone.
Where to get them: Macy's, Nordstrom, and other department stores. I will say Macy's DEFIANTLY has the biggest selection though!

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Next, I have a few of these rubber Marc Jacob bracelets. They were on sale at a fabulous Nordstrom sale and I had to pick up a few. I had one previously and I really liked it so I invested in some more. These are honestly just a fun bracelet. I feel like a kid again with the rubber and the bright color options. I opted for more neutral colors that  I know I can wear. But, their are definitely more bright and bold options.
Where to get them: Nordstrom

Bangles: My two bangle obsessions at the moment are my Kate Spade bangle I received as a gift and my Alex and Ani bangle I got a Disney World. My Alex and Ani bangle I never take off. It actually fits my wrist and it is a souvenir from my trip. Supposedly it gives you energy or something like that. I cannot vouch for that but I do know that it's really cute. Then my Kate Spade bangle is bright and fun (like everything that is Kate Spade). It has white, hot pink, a lime green, and a coral color all the way around the band. The colors are separated with gold pyramid studs. Which is perfect seeing how I have gold pyramid stud earrings to perfectly match.

Henri Bendel: Although I only have one Henri Bendel piece, it does not mean I don't dream of more! I recently went into the city (Chicago) and wondered into the glorious Henri Bendel store. Mesmerized by the sparkle of the room and with new found birthday money in my pocket I had to get myself one. So I had to look past the beautiful colors to find a neutral piece that I could wear with anything. I found this amazing brown braided bracelet with gold and brown stones that wrap all away around. It is a beautiful piece and I haven't taken it off since I got it. You can definitely tell it is very well made so I know this piece is going to last me a long time.

Here are some of my past arm candy looks from my instagram and outfits. The London, Paris, New York, and rose gold link bracelet are from H&M. The spike and black pyramid stud bracelets are from Forever 21. Then rope like bracelet is from the Sperry store. It is made of real boat rope and has a junky silver clasp. Then the freedom bracelet is from Dry Goods. 



In addition here are some of my favorite layering pieces. They are very dainty so they go along great with my more showy pieces.

 From left to right: Betsey Johnson bought at Macy's, Aerie, Aerie, ASOS, Charming Charlie's.
These are my FAVORITE rose gold pieces. I am a huge rose gold junky so I wear these all the time. 
From left to right: Local boutique, local boutique, ASOS, ASOS, H&M. 

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