Monday, May 19, 2014

What to wear to your internship

"I have nothing to wear!"
As college students get out for summer, most people will start up either a summer job or an internship. The big question is, what should I wear to my internship?! 

Well, its a hard question to answer because every office is different! The internship I have currently is pretty casual when it comes to the way we dress. We don't roll into work wearing jeans or sweats of course, but we can look more casual then most offices probably allow. So one of my biggest tips is first feel out your work environment. Your first day it's probably a safe bet to overdress. You don't want to show up and look underdressed! Once you get a feel for what people typically wear you can get a better idea of what you should wear. 

Here are three categories you might find in an office. 

Business Casual: 
For a business casual look you need to be put together but you don't need to show up in a suit or anything crazy! I would suggest a pair of patterned pants like J Crew's chino pants. Pair your fun pants with a bodes top and cardigan. Most offices are cold, even if it is hot outside, so I suggest pairing your ensemble with a sweater or jacket at all times! Layers is always a good idea. If you get hot or cold you can adjust your outfit accordingly. The main thing with business casual is deciding if it is business enough. My main suggestion is just keep things modest. Watch you necklines and your bra straps! Because something tells me your boss isn't wanting to see that! There will be plenty of times to wear your super cute spaghetti strap tanks, don't wear them to work! 

For my internship, my office is relatively casual. For a casual appropriate outfit I would suggest skirts, dresses, or pants that are professional but they don't have to be as formal. An example of this would be a pair of long shorts with a denim button down. The shorts are casual but they are long enough where they are appropriate. A denim button down is a good option because it is still a collared shirt but it isn't as stuffy as a normal button down may seem. The key to a casual intern look is making sure you still look like you are going to work. Stay away from super short skirts and shorts. For shoes, try and wear ballet flats or nice sandals. Wearing rubber flip flops to the office is a big no no. So either wear a nice pair of leather Sperry's or a classic pair of ballet flats. 

Now for the hardest category of all, professional. As a 18 year old college student I don't have a lot of clothes I would consider business professional. I tend to buy more fun and colorful pieces. But, most corporate office internships require you to dress the part. So what should you wear? Well, I think a dress is you easiest bet. Its one piece and is easy to put on. Pair your dress with a blazer or cardigan of some sort, especially if it is sleeveless. If you wear a colored dress keep the rest of your look neutral. In the look I created above I paired a blue purple dress with a tan blazer, nude heels, and a simple gold necklace. The key for professional wear is to make sure you stay simple and classic. This isn't the time to wear your new edgy dress. Stick with classic silhouettes, modest hemlines, and heels are probably always a good idea. But, ballet flats are also an appropriate footwear option. 

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful to anyone who has an internship this summer! 

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