Sunday, June 1, 2014

Preppy Tag!

What's your definition of preppy?
My definition of preppy is anything that is girly or southern inspired. Being from the midwest I have never been exposed to hardcore preppy girls. But recently, my style has been evolving into more of a preppy style. I think being preppy means you like to wear fun and bright pieces. At the same time preppy style incorporates a lot of classics like pearls and simple silhouettes. 

What's your all time favorite brand?  
My all time favorite brand would have to be J Crew. If you look through my ootd posts you can see almost everything I wear is form J Crew. It is such a great brand because it has classic things mixed with really fun and colorful pieces. Basically it has been my obsession for a while so for sure I would say J Crew! For accessories and purses Kate Spade is my go-to brand. Almost all of my purses and jewelry are from there. I love Kate Spade for cute and girly pieces. 

What is your favorite Lilly print?
My favorite Lilly Pulitzer print is the mint print or the mint julep drink print! I think it is so cute and I love the colors! 

Favorite preppy YouTuber? 
By far my favorite YouTuber is Sarahbelle93x. I used to be HUGE into watching Youtube beauty gurus, but now I don't watch them as often. But, I still watch Sarahbelle religiously because she is basically perfect! 

Jack Rogers or Sperrys? 
I can't choose! But I have an insane amount of Sperrys so I would have to choose Sperrys. However, I think Jack Rogers are the perfect shoe for summer/ spring. 

Jeans or Khakis?
Jeans for sure! I have one pair of khakis and the last time I wore them I got confused for a Target employee.... so I think I will stick with jeans! 

Duck Boots, Riding Boots or Hunters?
Riding or Hunters for sure. I love my Hunter rain boots because my campus is bipolar and it always changing weather. Hunters are great for the snow and rain so they are very versatile. But, I love my pair of Michael Kors brown riding boots. In the fall and winter I wear them basically everyday. So riding boots and Hunters are for sure tied. 

Navy or Black?
Personally I am more of a black then navy person. But, I for sure like brown the best! Usually I wear more brown and black then navy. However, I am starting to get more navy pieces so who knows I might change my preferences :).

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love J.Crew?
This scale does not describe my love for J Crew! I listed it as my favorite brand earlier so I think that explains it all. 

Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item?
Ralph Lauren button downs are a major basic piece for me. I have a white and a blue one and I wear them all the time. They are great to pair with more patterned pieces or with bold jewelry. If you don't have at least one you need to invest in one! 

Pearls or bows?
For sure pearls. I wear a pearl necklace, earrings, or a bracelet basically every day! I love the classic look that pearls has. Also, they go with everything because they are so neutral. 

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