Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BLOG HAUL: Akira, Forever 21, & Dry Goods

Blog Haul: Forever 21, Akira, and Dry Goods

The first two thing I got are from forever 21. I got two pairs of socks that are super cute. One has a panda and is black and white. The panda also has a little red bow on. The other pair has a big on them and they are grey and white.  
Then this shirt. This shirt basically is my life in a shirt. It is just a white muscle tank that says #ootd which is my favorite hashtag of them all. 
To see all my #ootd check out my Instagram: miranda_pollitt19

The next two things I got from Akira. They had their sale (50% off sale items) going on at the Akira in my mall. So, I picked up a few things. Both of these skirts were $5. The first one is a black and white circle skirt and it has a pattern of jewels on it. It's a very unique skirt and for only $5 you can't beat it! Then I got this lime green peplum pencil skirt. The fabric is kind of like tweed and has a hint of sparkle. 

I also got two accessories. First I got this ring that is kind of J Crew inspired I think. It was on sale at Akira and it was buy one get one free so I got something for my mom and got this for free. Then from Dry Goods I got these heart shaped sunglasses for only $3. 

The last thing I got was from Akira as well. It is a plaid dress with cutouts on the side as well as a deep V. In the shoulders there is a little padding which gives it some structure. 

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