Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dorm Diaries: DIY Dorm Decor

Dorm Diaries: DIY Dorm Decor 
Everyone knows dorm rooms are kind of drab. But, there are a bunch of easy and affordable ways to glam up your space and personalize it. Here are a few things I made for my dorm room and gifts I made my friends. 

The first thing I made was this ISU giant I. I am going to Iowa State University so I wanted to make something saying ISU. You could do the same thing and paint your sign in your school colors. However, I wanted to make it match my room. So, I painted it this grey color with a chevron purple pattern. You can also glitter the letters like I did or add other embellishments. If chevron isn't your thing you could also do a striped pattern or even polka dots. There are so many ways you can personalize this for your school or based on your favorite colors. You could even decoupage pictures of your school mascot or just a pattern in general on your letter.  
What you need: 
-One large wooden letter 
-Smaller wooden letters that spell out your schools initials
-Wood or craft paint 
-Glue to attach the small letters 
-Optional glitter or other embellishments  

These are both gifts I made my friends. I made one for my friend Emily (on the left) and my friend Maureen (on the right). You only need a few simple supplies for this DIY. 
What you need: 
-Craft paint or wood paint 
-Wooden letter
-Print off pictures or anything from your computer 
-Decoupage glue 
-Any other optional embellishments 
-Paint brush/ sponge
Basically I painted each letter my friend's favorite colors. Then I glued the pictures to the letter using the decoupage. I found that using a paint brush to apply the glue was the easiest. Let all of that set then you can add glitter or gems like I did. Depending on your friend our your own preferences you can add as much extra stuff as you want. 

The next thing I came up with was a way to hang my pictures in a way I could easily switch things in and out. So, bought a role of twine and close pins. I painted and embellished the clothes pins to add some glam and to match my room. But, the twine will give it a more eclectic homemade feel. You can personalize this by adding different colors, gems, glitter, or other embellishments. Another way you could add your own style to it is if you printed patterns or pictures and made strips to cover the clothes pins. 

I will be sure to show all of these things hung up in my room. Once everything is set up and ready I will make a room tour type thing. 

Another thing you can do is make your own monogram wall decor. I used the same supplies and process and the other projects just did my monogram. My last name initial is P and I covered it in pictures of friends and family. The main thing to remember is your monogram order: 
first name- last name- middle name 
My middle and first initial are the same so it's easy for me to remember! 

Here is the final product! I also added polka dots the the small Ms using metallic purple paint. 

Hope you enjoyed these DIYs and I gave you some ideas for your dorm or room! 

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