Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sorority Rush Outfit Ideas

Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas: 
I am starting my rushing process this weekend. So, I thought I would share some outfit ideas that follow my guidelines for rush. Every school is different but it is pretty similar across the board. 

Sorority Rush Outfit Ideas

One day will most likely business casual. So, I paired a cute pair of scalloped shorts with a simple white button down. By adding a junky statement necklace it gives something special to your outfit that people will be able to remember. To finish the look I just added a pair of gold strappy sandals and gold studs. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes! I bet you will be walking around campus going to your different visits and you don't want to trip in wedges or get blisters. Wear any shoes or sandals that are comfortable but not sloppy looking. 

Sorority Rush Outfit Ideas

  1. Outfit number one is designed around if you have to wear a rush t-shirt. Make sure to wear a pair of longer shorts if you choose to wear shorts. Something tells me this is not the time or place for high waisted cut offs. These J Crew shorts have a longer inseam but are still cute and preppy. Pair this look with cute sneakers and a fun necklace. Small details will make you feel more confident. 
  2. This outfit is for one of days you could wear a skirt. I paired a fun mustard skirt with a simple denim sleeveless button down. If yellow isn't your favorite simply change the look around to what you have in your closet. Again, I paired it with a fun bright necklace. I think necklaces are a great way to add attention to your face. You definitely need to do this at rush so they will remember not only your personality but how you look! 
  3. Most likely you will have to wear a dress one of the days. So, this printed dress is fun yet still classy and professional. Try and stay away from your super tight body con dresses. You aren't impressing boys you are impressing girls. Pick something cute rather than sexy. Bubble necklaces are always a great addition as well. They make a bold statement and are super preppy. 

Formal Recruitment Outfit Ideas
Here are three ideas for your preference night. This is usually the most dressy of all the nights. Again, depending on your school the more dressy you should be. From left to right the options get more formal. So you can pick the one that fits you.

Remember to wear things that you are comfortable in. Don't dress like someone else dress like yourself it will make you feel more confident in the end.

Good luck if you are rushing! If not you can use these ideas for everyday. 

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