Friday, August 2, 2013

College Diaries: Backpack

August 2nd, 2013:
College Diaries: 
So today my backpack came in the mail! I ordered this off Kipling's website. It is the backpack with the laptop sleeve and I chose a purple color. The backpack is made out of a nylon material. 
 Here is a link to my backpack: 
I got this backpack on sale and it was around $80. Then I also got free shipping when I ordered it. 

The front zip compartment has a bunch of tiny slots as well as a clip to hold keys.
On the top of the backpack it has a place for your phone or iPod. 

A cute detail on all Kipling bags is the monkey key chain. I just think it's so cute! 

The backpack's main compartment has a laptop sleeve  section a main section then another pocket area. 

Overall I love this backpack! Of course I haven't used it yet but it is super cute and I love the color! When I start using it more and more I will try and remember to do a review on how it holds up and how much it holds. 
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