Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Haul: Aerie + Nordstrom & More

August 7th, 2013:

Blog Haul: Aerie, Nordstrom, and more! 

The bracelet on the right is BCBG and I got it at Nordstrom. It is a snakeskin like pattern and is holographic and says BELLA in gold. My pearl earrings are from a local jewelry boutique and are made from Swarovski crystal pearls. They are a little oversized which is the perfect size for me! 

The rest of the stuff I got is all from Aerie. I also got 3 bras but I didn't think you would want to see that. My mom and I had a 40% off coupon so all this stuff we got for 40% off! All the bras were on sale for $20 so all of them were about $12 which is a complete steal! 
The bow shorts are pajama shorts. They are super soft and flowy. Also, I got this grey t-shirt that has a lace detail on the sleeve as well as a zipper in the back. 

I also got some super basic white and black tanks. They were buy one get one for 50% off. 

I am obsessed with nighties or night gowns. This one is grey and is super soft. It also has a key hole detail in the back as well as the saying Over the Moon. 


I got a pair of cropped black yoga pants for school mainly. They have a super cute grey and polka dot band. Then I got this peplum sweatshirt. I had originally got this but we re-purchased it with our coupon to get the discount because gotta get that 40% off! 

The last thing I got was this black tee. It has a tool or ruffle detail on the bottom which makes it a nice detail. Also it is super soft. Basically everything at Aerie is soft lets be honest. 

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