Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fashion Alert: KSNY x Darcel Flavia

August 4th, 2013:

I couldn't help but see on Kate Spade's Instagram that they have a new line! It is a collaboration and it is super cute and fun. The theme is more young and I think they are trying to appeal to a younger market. I am a huge fan of anything and everything Kate Spade but some people might find it to old. But I think a lot of younger girls will love this line. The donuts are super cute and they have a lot of unique and colorful touches.

The line is covered in donuts, hot dogs, apples, and a iconic NY theme. The little cartoon mascot is also so cute! She has a bright bow on and is super whimsical. My favorite things from the line are the donut bangle, the donut metro grand watch, the Tobyn bag, and the small Damien bag. 
Check out the hole line here: 

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